Goldfish Swim School Memberships

Our Membership options not only create a convenient pre-pay option for you and your family, but you will also benefit from our perpetual swim lessons, freebies and more!

  • Annual Membership $25

    $20.00 for 2nd child ($45.00 max for a family). Fee is due annually.

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  • Blue Membership $696

    - SAVE & SWIM! Pre-pay for 6 months of weekly group lessons, setting your child up for real progress and Extraordinary Results! In addition to 6 months of lessons, you’ll also get:
    - Extra practice in the pool with four additional Drop-in Casual Lessons, and a FREE Family Swim pass for six months!
    - FREE swag like goggles and a Goldfish Swim School towel to bring to the pool or beach!

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  • Orange Membership $1,392

    - Pre-pay for 12 months of essential life-saving swim lessons for your child. In addition to a full year of weekly lessons, where they’ll get the tools to make BIG waves - in the pool and in life - you’ll also get:
    - A waived annual membership fee!
    - Extra practice in the pool with a FREE Jump Start Clinic (one week of lessons, same day/time/instructor), five additional Drop-in Casual Lessons and a FREE Family Swim pass for one year!
    - FREE swag like goggles and a GSS towel!

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**An annual membership fee of $25 per child is due upon registration.**

Give your kids the platform to make waves in life.