February is Heart Health Month: 3 Ways Swimming Promotes Heart Health

As parents, you want to teach your children to have healthy habits. You want them to know and lead a healthy lifestyle, but how do you impart that wisdom in a fun way without nagging? We have just the way to help make it a GOLDEN experience: Swimming…at Goldfish Swim School!

We celebrate Heart Health Month in February, so here are 3 Ways Swimming Promotes Heart Health:

1. Swimming is FUN exercise

Your heart is a muscle, and just like any other muscle, needs exercise to remain strong and healthy. Since your heart's job is to pump blood throughout your body – transmitting the necessary oxygen and nutrients – the stronger it is, the better job it does.

Ideally, you should participate in some sort of physical activity for 30-60 minutes each day. Swimming is fun and a great way to get in some exercise! Why?

  • You can swim anytime. The best part about swimming is that is can be done all year long, no matter the weather, at Goldfish Swim School. Downpour? Blizzard? Hot, 100-degree days? Swim!
  • Swimming is low impact. Therefore, it has lower risk for injury and is great for those recovering from injuries. All skill levels can reap the same types of benefits from swimming.
  • All ages can swim together. When you have more than one child, or some cousins or friends' kids who all want to play together but they are different ages, finding an appropriate activity for everyone to enjoy can leave you scratching your head. But luckily, kids – and parents – of all ages can exercise in the water.

2. Swimming reduces stress

Being in the water has a calming effect for most people. Whether it's the relaxing atmosphere, the sole focus of making your body work in unison to propel you across the pool, or the sheer feeling of gliding through the water, swimming reduces stress levels – and in turn helps keep your heart healthy.

Since stress can increase your heart rate and cause your heart to work even harder, swimming allows your heart to take a “mental health” day and have a break from worries and fears. Our instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids to swim in a stress-free environment that promotes extraordinary results. Plus, there's the award ribbons, growing confidence and sense of accomplishment to help reduce stress!

3. Swimming makes all muscles stronger

The stronger your muscles are, they better the heart can work to carry blood and oxygen to where it needs to go! And with stronger muscles comes better metabolism – allowing your body to process foods and in turn have lower levels of body fat, keeping the heart healthy.

Even if your child "knows" how to swim, it's important that he or she learns how to swim correctly to make the most of the key benefits of swimming.

Plus, when you are good at something, you generally want to do it more, so we make learning fun!

Stay heart healthy at Goldfish Swim School

We offer swim lessons for kids ages 4 months and older, our own Swim Force swim team, Family Swim time for the entire family, week-long Jump Start Clinics and Open Swim times. Find a location near you and sign up for swim lessons today! On the fence? Our WOW! customer service, 90-degree pool water and atmosphere will help you decide.

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