Family Swim

Enjoy Tropical Family Fun All Year

Whether you want to help your children practice their swimming skills or your family needs some bonding time, a Family Swim is a great way to spend an afternoon. Enjoy your day or evening in our shiver-free pool that’s heated to a pleasant 90°.

A Fun & Beneficial Experience for Any Family

As a parent, you’re probably well aware that kids don’t truly know if they’ll enjoy something until they dive in and do it. Fortunately, most kids love the water.

This activity can benefit your whole family because:

  • You can teach your child about water safety & introduce him or her to the water
  • You can relax in our warm pool while your swimmer shows you his or her skills
  • You can determine if your child would benefit from swimming lessons
  • Spending time in the pool together is a great way to get energy out
  • Your child will feel more comfortable with you in the water

If you’re not enrolled in Goldfish Swim School, Family Swim sessions are also a great way to get your feet wet. Explore our fun, safe, tropical facilities and get a glimpse of the experiences we create for our students and their families.

Please note: For safety purposes, we require at least one adult to be in the water with each child who cannot swim independently. Some locations will also require that you register prior to attending our Family Swim.

For more information, Find Your Local Goldfish Swim School.
We look forward to seeing you in the pool!

Family Swim Lessons

90-Degree Family Fun All Year Long

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary to do as a family, try our fun Family Swim. Family Swim is a great way for children and their families to spend an afternoon or evening together in our shiver-free 90-degree pool. Even better, children can put into practice everything they’ve learned from their swim lessons.

If you’re new to Goldfish, Family Swim is a great way to get a taste of our experience with the whole family!

Hear From Happy Parents

  • Goldfish Swim School Testimonial Image - 1
    Enrolling my 2 daughters into Goldfish may be one of the best decisions I've made for them thus-far. I've tried various swimming programs and to no avail, they simply didn't work. Goldfish has really set the standard for allowing kids to be comfortable in the water while learning the basics of swimming. I now have 2 little fishies (2yo & 8yo) that are excited and demanding that we go to swimming class more than they are scheduled. I am so grateful for Goldfish and can't wait to watch my girls finally embrace their time in the water!!!
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  • Goldfish Swim School Testimonial Image - 2
    This was our daughter's first lesson. Right from the start Goldfish is very welcoming. They explained everything in detail and our daughter even received a Gold fish t-shirt. The I instructors were quick to see the area she needs help in the most and adjusted her lesson around it. At the end of the lesson the instructor let us now what she needed to work on as well as what she did well. The amenities here are awesome as well with a bathing suit dryer and hair dryers, a snack bar and lounge areas for the parents. The best part is the glass divider in between the pool and the viewing area. It keeps the viewing area quiet which is a nice 30 min relaxation time for busy parents. We couldnt recommend a better swim class in the area!!!!!
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