Go for the Gold with Goldfish: Five Ways to get Your Family into the Olympic Spirit


The summer games are in full swing, and everybody everywhere has caught Olympic fever! Read on to discover a few easy peasy ways you and your family can #goforthegold and get into the Olympic spirit!

1. Make your own opening ceremony.

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is a pretty big affair and you can get in on the excitement, too! Make a (non-flaming) torch and run around the neighborhood with it (think old paper towel roll and orange crepe paper), passing it off to friends and family for their turns. Decorate your home – inside or outside – with the Olympic rings (an old white sheet with colored paint rings works great!). Then sit and watch the Opening Ceremony together and celebrate the diversity and hard work of all the athletes.

2. Host your own Olympic games.

Set up an obstacle course through the yard and see who can finish with the fastest time; play basketball for most completed baskets; record who can jump the highest or farthest; get a rope and gather friends for a friendly tug-of-war event; and count who can do the most jumps on a trampoline. Get creative making your own events – and don’t forget to make some gold, silver and bronze medals or ribbons for the winners!

3. Go for the Gold at Goldfish Swim School!

Family Swim at Goldfish Swim School is always a GOLDEN experience, but it’s especially exciting during our Olympic-themed Family Swim events! During August, the theme at each Goldfish Swim School location is Olympics – which mean prizes, décor and more are all aptly in accordance. Call your local franchise for more fun Olympics-themed events and activities.

4. Celebrate local athletes.

Search for athletes competing in the Olympics who are from your home state, make a note of their events, then search the schedule to find out when their events are taking place. Watch the Olympics together during those events – swimming, anyone? – or record it to watch when everyone is home. Make posters and banners to cheer on your hometown athletes while they go for the gold. You can also send the athletes words of encouragement via social media sites for those extraordinary results, too!

5. Explore new cultures.

Have each family member pick a different country to learn about – then designate a day to celebrate that culture! Cook dinner – or lunch, or even breakfast – that is a popular dish in that country (you can even fire up something on the barbie, er, barbecue, if your designated country is Australia, for instance.). Truly go for the gold and find some music from that heritage online to listen to, and make decoration or don clothing particular to that area if possible. Practice some unique customs from that country, too, or use some popular sayings.

Go for the Gold at Goldfish Swim School

Future Olympic swimmers have to start somewhere – and Goldfish Swim School is just the place. Our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months and older  how to swim – even if you’re not prepping them for the Olympics (although we do hand out award ribbons!). Stop by a location near you and you’ll see our WOW customer service and cool perks of swimming at Goldfish Swim School!

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