Reasons Why Winter is a GREAT Season to Keep Swimming

It may be the season of cold and snow, but that doesn’t mean the kids can’t be in the water! Keep on swimming at Goldfish Swim School for waves of fun this winter! Here are some Reasons Why Winter is a GREAT Season to Keep Swimming:

Baby, It’s Cold Outside.

And that means it takes a LOT of effort to bundle up the kids (and yourself) to go play outside. Let’s face it, playing outside in the cold can be, well, cold. Here’s the good news: The air temperature on the pool deck at Goldfish Swim School is always a balmy 90 degrees. But here’s the GREAT news: The water in the pool at Goldfish Swim School is also always 90 degrees! Surely you can handle bundling up to have a GOLDEN experience and help your kids learn these 5 things in the water.

And it’s boring inside.

We’re not saying it’s boring at your home; we know you’re super busy juggling so many different tasks, and it can be exhausting keeping the kids busy with fun activities when they get a touch of cabin fever. Not only is heading inside to splash around at Goldfish Swim School during the winter a great way to keep the kids active and occupied, but swimming also provides plenty of benefits. That’s something to celebrate!

You can prep for summer!

Winter is the perfect time for swim lessons because it will get your kids prepped and ready for the eagerly-anticipated return of sunshine and warm weather days spent in the pool! The instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to teach young swimmers ages 4 months and older how to swim (yes, your baby can learn to swim!) — which is one great reason why Goldfish Swim School is worth the money.

Consistency is key.

Learning to swim is a skill just like any other that needs practice, practice and more practice. Even if your kids “know” how to swim, lessons at Goldfish Swim School will teach so much more and provide those extraordinary results you’ve come to expect. But for that to happen as efficiently as possible, it’s important to stay consistent and attend lessons every week. (Find out why perpetual swim lessons are best here.)

Start swimming today!

With locations throughout the country, chances are Goldfish Swim School is providing WOW customer service while teaching kids a lifelong skill in your area. Sign up today and warm up this winter at Goldfish Swim School.

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