6 Ways to Have Fun INSIDE with Kids When it’s Cold Outside

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean there’s nothing fun to do inside! When winter sets in and the kids start getting bored, pull out some of these 6 Ways to Have Fun INSIDE with Kids When it’s Cold Outside and you’ll all be excited for the cold weather (well, maybe).

1. Host an indoor “drive-in” movie

Hang a white sheet on the wall and get a projector to show a fun family movie on the wall (Finding Nemo, anyone?). This is a great family night idea, but it’s also a cool way to spend a snow day.

When you have an entire day to occupy (like on a snow day or a cold weekend when cabin fever is starting to set in), use the time to foster your kids’ imaginations and make “cars” for the drive-in! Use cardboard boxes (maybe boxes from leftover holiday presents) and decorate them to look like cars. No boxes? Be creative and use poster board, bins, pillows or whatever you can find. The point is to have fun and pretend you are sitting in a car at a drive in. Don’t forget to make popcorn, too!

2. Swim at Goldfish Swim School

Did you know you don’t have to be a member to use our pools? Goldfish Swim School offers Family Swim for members and non-members alike so everyone can have a GOLDEN experience! The water is always a balmy 90 degrees and the entire family can have fun swimming with all the cool pool toys — and since water safety is our top priority, we’ll of course have lifeguards on duty.

Hours for Family Swim vary by location, but they are offered during the day Monday through Thursday, on weekends, and there are Friday night Family Swim times at least once per month. Members can swim for free during the week, and non-members can swim for $5 per person (or $15 per family); on the Friday night swim and weekend swim, everyone pays $5 per person (or $15 per family).

And if you’re not a member, you can always sign up for lessons and celebrate the extraordinary results you’ll see. Goldfish Swim School offers swim lessons for ages 4 months and older (yes, your baby younger than 1 can learn to swim!)

3. Make a fort.

Did you know those sheets and blankets are for more than just sleep? To kids, they’re the foundation for making some really awesome forts. Put down the electronics and see who can make the sturdiest, biggest or most princess-y fort of them all! Then get flashlights and read books in there.

4. Have a bake-off.

Even little hands can join in the fun when it comes to baking sweet treats! Scroll through Pinterest or comb parenting magazines for ideas — and be sure to have the kids vote on what you’ll be making. And if you don’t have the ingredients, it will be an opportunity to make going to the grocery store fun for everyone. With lists in hand, kids will be eager to locate all the goodies needed.

5. Throw a beach party.

Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beach indoors! Crank up the heat for a couple hours and don your swim and beach gear. Get creative: Jam to some Caribbean-inspired tunes, make some summery foods, have popsicles, make a surfboard and practice on pretend waves, and toss some playground sand into a kiddie pool or on a tarp for the full effect.

6. Bring out the games.

Let every family member take turns picking a game to play, and mix things up: Use a board game, a video game, a DVD game and an active game in your rotation. And if you run out of games, invent your own — that’s when the real fun starts! Break out all the games you played as a kid — like Red Light, Green Light — and add fun twists to them. This might also be the perfect time to invest in that new board game you’ve been wanting!

Goldfish Swim School

We’re psyched about these 6 Ways to Have Fun INSIDE with Kids When it’s Cold Outside, but we ALWAYS have fun inside here! At Goldfish Swim School, our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust each week to teach students things they should know how to do in the water. Contact a location near you to sign your kids up for swim lessons today!

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