• Group Lessons $25.00 /lesson

    Your child will enjoy our 30-minute perpetual weekly group lessons that focus on essential water safety skills, as well as swim techniques that will help them make big waves - in the pool and in life! Discounts are available for multiple scheduled weekly lessons, as well as for siblings/immediate family within the same household.

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  • Advanced Baby $33.00 /lesson

    Our 30-minute perpetual weekly lessons with a 3:1 ratio for students under 36 months. Your child will be introduced to essential water safety skills, as well as basic swim technique. Parents do not need to get into the water for Advanced Baby Lessons.

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  • Swim Force $27.00 /lesson

    Students who progress through our Pro Level swim classes will receive a unique opportunity to join Swim Force. This fun and friendly competition experience provides children with the motivation they need to continually improve their skills. This swim team environment also allows for character-building at the heart of our "Golden Experience."

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Give your kids the platform to make waves in life.