Take the Safer Swimmer Pledge with your kiddo to remind them of the 5 water-safety must-knows before you hit the pools, lakes and beaches this summer!

Safer Swimmer Pledge

Safer Swimmer Pledge

7600+ Pledges to be a Safer Swimmer this Summer!

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We're proud to partner with the USA Swimming Foundation to help provide access to swim lessons to children who might not otherwise get the chance to learn to swim! Want to help?

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Why Are You Taking The Pledge?

  • 'Too many preventable drownings.'

    I am an ER physician and see too many preventable drownings in children and adults. I was never a strong swimmer as a child and pledged to myself that I would ensure my children were confident and smart in and around the water! - Ruchika J, Manchester CT

  • 'I don't want my kids to be an accidental drowning statistic.'

    Swimming and boating is really fun but I need my kids to also know to take water seriously. I do not want them to be an accidental drowning statistic because I didn’t do my part of teaching them how to swim confidently - Allison N, Plainfield IL

  • 'I almost drowned when I was 4. As a mother of 2 boys, water safety is essential.'

    I almost drowned in a hotel pool when I was 4 years old. My mom's friend's daughter drowned in her backyard pool at age 3. As a mother of two boys, water safety is essential. I want to feel confident that my children can swim safely, so I am taking the pledge to ensure my children are knowledgeable on water safety. - Hanah P, Edmond OK