Swimming Classes for Kids: Goldfish Swim School Programs

Discover Your Child's Potential With Our Swimming Lessons

Trying to choose a fun after school activity to enroll your son in? Not sure if your daughter is ready for her first summer pool party? Swimming offers more health and safety benefits than virtually any other sport. We offer a wide variety of swimming programs, including infant swim lessons, toddler swim lessons, and programs for children between 4 months and 12 years old. At Goldfish Swim School, our swimming classes for kids have a low student-to-teacher ratio to ensure maximum safety, learning and fun. We also host birthday parties and various clinics for those that want to improve their swim skills quickly.

How We Structure Our Curriculum

Swimming Classes for Kids: The Goldfish Swim School Approach

The Science of SwimPlay® is the basis for our curriculum. Studies show that a stimulating environment with supervised and guided play is essential for a child’s cognitive development. We incorporate this science into our swimming programs for kids to ensure that our swimmers receive the most exciting and beneficial learning experience.

Whether your child is interested in just a few private classes, perpetual lessons, or summer swim lessons, we’re confident that he or she will have a great time in our shiver-free pool. Kids love our tropical facilities and our fun instructors.

We believe that your child’s potential is in there. Sometimes you just need to add water.

It's Time To Take a Swim!