• Group Lessons $128.00 /month

    Enjoy our perpetual weekly group lessons for 30 minutes at one easy monthly fee! There is a 7% discount available for additional classes/students.

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  • Advanced Baby $170.00 /month

    Our perpetual lessons with a 3:1 ratio for students under 36 months, where the parent does not get in the water.

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  • Family Swim $40.00 /family

    Family Swim is an open swim for the families of our community. Goldfish Swim School members swim for free during weekday afternoon Family Swim times. This is a great time to bond with your children while they show you the progress they’ve been making in lessons!

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  • Swim Force $170.00 /month

    Students who progress through our Pro Level swim classes will receive a unique opportunity to join Swim Force. This fun and friendly competition experience provides children with the motivation they need to continually improve their skills. This swim team environment also allows for character-building at the heart of our "Golden Experience."

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**An annual membership fee of $25 per child is due upon registration.**

Give your kids the platform to make waves in life.