What to Expect at Your First Mini Level Swimming Lesson

It’s time to celebrate: You’ve signed up your little guppy for Mini-level swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School! But what happens when you walk in for your first class? Never fear, our swimming experts are here!

Getting ready

Welcome to Goldfish Swim School! Clarey Collins, Goldfish Swim School’s Curriculum Development Manager, said parents with children in Mini-level swim lessons need three things for babies: A bathing suit, a reusable swim diaper and a towel (The reusable swim diaper holds things in better than a disposable swim diaper will).

Getting ready for swim class is easy here! We know days can be hectic, so we have changing cabanas – big enough for the family – so you can simply pack your swimsuits and get dressed here if you’d like. Plus, in case you happen to forget your little one’s suit (or towel, goggles, swim diaper or other essentials), we’ve got some for sale in our Treasure Island Pro Shop.

(Pro Tip: Check out these 6 Goldfish Hacks for Moms and Dads to make things go even more smoothly for you and your family at swim class!)

Waiting for class

When you come in the building for your Mini-level swim class, you’ll check in at the computer by scanning the key card you were given when you first came in – and take notice of what lane your child will be swimming in (it’s usually the same each class, but it may change, so be sure to check).

Once you’re all ready to swim, everyone can have a seat in our viewing area outside the pool deck and enjoy our tropical atmosphere, coloring pages or a quick story with your child while you wait. When it’s time for your child’s class, the deck supervisor will come out and announce the time of the class that is starting. You and your little swimmer may enter the pool deck and go to the appropriate lane – which, for the Mini-level swimming classes, is a roped-off section of the pool just for you!

Note to parents: Don’t be nervous! Your kids can sense that, so make sure they can see your excitement.

“Parents need to go into it knowing that their babies are going to react to it like they are,” said Jenny McCuiston, Co-Founder of Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC. A lot of parents have a fear about swimming or don’t know how to swim, which is why they sign their kids up for swim lessons, she said. “Parents just need to come in relaxed and know that Goldfish is there with experts. They just need to stay positive, have fun and relax.”

Getting your feet wet

Once the instructor is in the lane, go ahead and get in the water. Our instructors, who use integrity, compassion and trust, will take it from there. Don’t fret if there are a few tears…it happens. There are some things parents can do, but rest assured, we’re experienced with easing kids into the water and giving everyone a GOLDEN experience so that soon they won’t hesitate to jump right in! (Need proof? Check out this parent testimonial from tears to joy.)

The Mini-level classes are interactive, and you’ll be holding your baby while guiding him or her through the various swim skills. So, even though there’s an instructor leading you, actually you’ll be the one guiding your child – and you’ll remain involved throughout the entire class! Expect to help your tiny swimmer float on his or her back and even do an underwater dip or two while picking up the basics of how to swim, with you holding him or her the entire time.

Class time

Our mini-level classes offer parent participation for the youngest of students (and even babies younger than 1 year old!) and other non-parent classes for those who are older and a little more experienced. Kids ages 4 months to 35 months’ old benefit from our Mini classes — and you’ll begin to see those extraordinary results in no time!

“It’s a really nice bonding time that they have together,” Clarey said. “(The Mini classes) are more interactive with the parent and child; parents are really involved, doing the underwater dips and everything we do.”

For 25 minutes, kids will work with their instructor to learn how to be comfortable in the water, basic swim skills, and water safety. Clarey said instructors teach water safety skills and swim skills through fun songs.

Sign up today!

Stop by one of our many locations throughout the country, witness our WOW! customer service, and get registered for baby swimming – and you’ll see why Goldfish Swim School is worth the money.

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