5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim Now

If you’ve thought about enrolling your child in swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School, now is the time!

Here are 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim Now:

1. To Be Safer in the Water

Playing around in the water is a big responsibility, and kids who learn to swim also learn how to stay safe in the water. Water Safety Awareness Day is May 14. The aim of this day is to draw attention to water safety for parents and kids alike. At Goldfish Swim School, we focus on water safety during every lesson — including having kids learn how to get in and out of the pool safely, how to roll over to take a breath when tired, proper breath control and more. We even have special Water Safety Awareness weeks throughout the year, where we teach kids about lifeguards and what to do in an emergency.

2. To Help Prevent Drowning

It’s important for kids to know how to swim so they are prepared to help themselves in case they accidentally fall into water or find themselves in trouble in the water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately two children ages 14 and younger die each day from accidental drowning — and it’s the No. 1 cause of death for kids ages 1-4. That’s why it’s also important for parents to know the signs of drowning (they’re not what you think!), how to prevent drowning, and about dry drowning. One of the best ways to do this? Sign your kids up for swimming lessons. And yes, even babies as young as 4 months old can learn to swim at Goldfish Swim School!

3. To Have Fun

There’s a reason why Learn to Swim Day is the third Saturday in May nationally — because with summer on the horizon, its important kids are prepared to safely enjoy the warm weather in the pool, lakes and oceans! And at Goldfish Swim School, our instructors use integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids with special needs (like Down syndrome, autism, ADHD and sensory issues) how to swim! (Just part of our WOW! customer service!) When your kids have learned to swim, you’ll be confident allowing them to play in the water with their friends and celebrate that youthful freedom.

4. To Be Healthy

Your kids’ health is your first priority, and swimming definitely provides extraordinary results health-wise. Swimming is a fantastic activity to keep kids heart-healthy, but swimming provides even more all-over health benefits as well — including muscle strength, coordination, and aerobic fitness. When your kids know how to swim, it’s a fun way for them to stay healthy!

5. To Learn a Lifelong Skill

Kids who learn to swim grow up to be adults who know how to swim! You may have heard people say that teaching a youngster a foreign language is easier than learning one as an adult, and it’s true: Kids are amazing with how quickly they learn new skills. For adults, we have so many other things going on that our focus sometimes isn’t as direct…plus there’s that whole not-enough-time thing. If you don’t teach your child how to swim at a young age, there may not be a good opportunity to learn later. Teaching them to swim now allows them to have a lifelong skill. (And yes, it’s important for your kids to take swimming lessons even if they already “know” how to swim).

Swim at Goldfish Swim School

After reading the 5 Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn to Swim Now, it’s time to find a location near you and sign up your kids to start seeing those extraordinary results. Kids (and parents!) have a GOLDEN experience at Goldfish Swim School because our water is always a warm 90 degrees (plus a bunch of other reasons!).

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