Announcing the #GOFORTHEGOLD Instagram Contest!

Goldfish Swim School is happy to announce our #goforthegold Instagram contest! The 2016 Rio Olympics kick off on August 5th, and we’re getting into spirit here at Goldfish Swim School. Just like top-performing Olympians are awarded medals, our swimmers are given ribbons when they reach a milestone in the pool. With that in mind, we want to see pictures of your little ones confidently holding up their ribbon, celebrating a job well done! Read on to find out how to enter the contest and to see a list of our fin-tastic prizes!


Entering the #goforthegold Instagram contest is as simple as point, tap and post! Check out the rules below:

  1. Follow @goldfishswimschoolon Instagram
  2. Take a photo of your child(ren) holding up their Goldfish ribbon
  3. Post the photo to your Instagram account and use the hashtags #goldfishswimschool and #goforthegold
  4. Add the location of your Goldfish Swim School

Goldfish Instagram Contest! #goldfishswimschool #goforthegold

That’s it! If you do all four of these things, you are automatically entered into the contest. Now that you know how to enter, read the list of prizes below and start snapping those pics!

  • Grand Prize – 1 month of free swim lessons at your local Goldfish Swim School
  • 1st Prize – A Goldfish “Treasure Island” gift pack valued at $50
  • 2nd Prize – $25 Starbucks gift card
  • 3rd Prize – One pair of free goggles of your choice

The contest kicks off August 5th and lasts until August 21st. Winners will be picked at random, and will be announced on our Instagram account starting Monday, August 22nd and ending Thursday, August 25th. Winning contestants will be tagged on Instagram and will be contacted via direct message with instructions on how to acquire prizing (so keep an eye on that little mailbox icon in the upper right hand corner for more info).

We are SO EXCITED to be hosting this contest on our Instagram account, and can’t wait to see all the cute ribbon photos you post. Happy ‘graming, everyone!


  • Entries that fail to meet criteria listed under the “RULES & PRIZES” section will not qualify for prizing
  • Contestants may enter contest only once
  • Contest is NOT OPEN to Goldfish Swim School employees and their families
  • Winner is responsible for picking up prize at local Goldfish Swim School location
  • Goldfish Swim School Franchising, LLC is responsible for payment for all prizes

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