9 Cool Things to Buy at Treasure Island Pro Shop

Goldfish Swim School is more than just a pool. Peek in and check out these 9 Cool Things to Buy at Treasure Island Pro Shop — from learning toys to swim gear — and bring the Goldfish experience home with you!

1. Barbells

One of the coolest toys used at Goldfish Swim School to teach young swimmers the proper strokes is the barbell. In the beginning, it’s a tool that allows your child to keep one arm outstretched — and floating — while the other arm is learning how to pull that water in just the right way to scoot forward. The barbells are great for providing security while gaining extraordinary results in the water.

2. Kick boards 

With all that splashing, you’d think kicking in water isn’t really much of a skill — but it is! Sure, kicking up all that water is definitely tons of fun, but your little goldfish will have fun playing around with a kick board all while learning important swim skills, just like in class!

3. Giant rubber ducky

For the littlest swimmers, it’s all about making time in the water fun. What better way to do that than with a quintessential rubber ducky? Well, how about with a giant rubber ducky?! These giant duckies are just like what we play with in class — which is pretty exciting when your bathtub at home can have the same toy!

4. Goggles

Does your little one seem to have trouble keeping those goggles on? Not all goggles are created the same! If those goggles seem uncomfortable, annoying or are leaking, maybe it’s time for some new ones. You can grab a pair from the Treasure Island Pro Shop. We have two different kinds, one of which is the same ones we use for all our classes!

5. Bathing suits

Can’t find a bathing suit at the stores because it’s not quite the right season? No problem. The Treasure Island Pro Shop at Goldfish Swim School has suits for boys and girls for sale all year long! Buy one here and celebrate those skills (and it is one less stop to make).

6. Earplugs

For some kids, getting water in their ears can be uncomfortable to deal with (whether for sensory issues or health issues). Try out some earplugs to see if it will help! Let us know what you think.

7. Towels

You reach in the swim bag while your daughter is in her weekly swim lesson, preparing to go in for the last five minutes to talk to her teacher, when you keep groping around. Then you realize: She forgot her towel (because you certainly wouldn’t forget. Right.)! No problem! You can purchase a Goldfish Swim School towel right then and there. Bonus: It’s a nice, absorbent towel you’ll be glad to have.

8. Swim backpack

If you’re a Type-A organized mom (or dad), your child is in the rec swim classes, your goldfish is having fun in weekly swim classes, or you just like to have a bag for each purpose, then the swim backpacks for sale are sure to catch your eye. These bags feature material for carrying wet swim suits, pockets for goggles and water bottles and more, plus durable construction makes these bags much more than just another backpack.

9. Swim diapers

We know how it is. You’ve got a lot going on and a lot in that swim bag you carry into each lesson. Forgot to replace the swim diapers? No problem! We’ve got you covered. Just head to the Treasure Island Pro Shop and you’ll be good to go. (We think anticipating your needs is some WOW! Customer Service, don’t you agree?)

Goldfish Swim School

The instructors at Goldfish Swim School use their integrity, compassion and trust to teach kids ages 4 months and older how to swim and how to improve their swim skills. Find a location near you and register your child today for a GOLDEN experience!

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