Coming to Class: 10 Helpful Ways Goldfish Swim School Makes Getting Ready Easy

You have kids, so you know every second matters. You’re running around, trying to make it to class on time. Getting ready and then cleaned up after class can seem to take eons. No worries; Goldfish Swim School knows all about that and has worked hard to make things easier. Here are the 10 Helpful Ways Goldfish Swim School Makes Getting Ready Easy:

1. Changing Rooms

Depending on when your class is, it may not be convenient for you to get your little one’s swimsuit on before leaving the house. That’s why there are plenty of changing rooms available. Plus, your swimmer (and you) can change into dry clothes after class!

2. Changing Tables

Yes, even babies younger than 1 can take swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School! Dress your wiggly little one for class with ease on one of our changing tables.

3. Bumbo Seats

Packing your stuff in your bag and getting yourself ready can be cumbersome when you have a baby who can’t yet sit — so feel free to use one of those nifty Bumbo seats to keep your non-mobile guppy sitting safely. (That’s some pretty WOW customer service to think of that, don’t you agree?!)

4. Showers

Rinse off with the warm water showers next to the pool area after your swimmer works on learning the 5 Things All Kids Should Know How to Do in the Water.

5. Shampoo and Body Wash

Save time by using the showers to wash your child’s hair and body with the shampoo and body wash provided at the showers (or bring your own) instead of having to do it at home after!

6. Lotion

Dry hands? Rough baby skin? Use a little lotion! Forgot yours? No problem, there’s plenty for you to use throughout the swim school.

7. Hair Dryers

Whether you’re going out after class, the temperature is chilly or you just plain don’t want to walk out with wet hair, feel free to use one of the several hair dryers set up at the station (and check out the cool benches there, too!).

8. Bathing Suit Dryer

Packing up a dripping wet bathing suit doesn’t have to make everything else in your bag soggy: Goldfish Swim School has a bathing suit drying machine that takes about 10 seconds to make swimsuits nearly dry and easy to toss in your bag.

9. Fun Waiting Room

Did you get to class early? Or are you waiting with your little one during another child’s class? Goldfish Swim School has a fun waiting room full of toys for babies, toddlers and older kids to entertain themselves while you wait!

10. Goodies at Treasure Island Store

If you forgot any essential swim supplies (like a bathing suit, goggles, or swim diapers), or want to buy some fun swimming extras to use at home, Goldfish Swim School has you covered.

Goldfish Swim School

Children ages 4 months old and older can benefit from swim lessons at Goldfish Swim School. Find a location near you and sign your little swimmer up for lessons today!

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