We Hire the Best: Introducing Our Goldfish Staff

If you’ve visited a Goldfish location for a Family Swim or swimming lesson, one thing is probably clear: we like to have fun…and lots of it. From brightly colored walls to games inside or outside the pool, we like our parents and swimmers leaving the building with smiles. But behind all that fun is a solid investment we make in the development and training of the Goldfish staff to create our “Golden Experience.”

You’ve made an important (and sometimes difficult) decision to trust us with your children, and our managers take the hiring process very seriously. When looking for candidates for our Goldfish Crew, we require the following:

  • A background check;
  • An enthusiastic and adaptable personality;
  • Previous experience working with children; and
  • A shallow water lifeguard certification.

If the candidate fulfills these requirements and is hired, the new employee will go through an extensive training period to ensure that they understand the Goldfish mission, methodology and policies on swimming education. Better yet, we continue the development and training year-round with performance reviews, staff workshops and safety seminars.

So what does the Goldfish team look like, anyway? Watch this video for a breakdown of the roles that make every swimmer’s experience one to tell your friends about. Or, if you’d rather read about them, scroll below for descriptions!

The General Manager

Our GMs are in the building every day to ensure WOW! customer service, that Goldfish core values are being met and that staff have all the support they need.

Front Desk Customer Service Representative

Always greeting you with a friendly smile, our front desk staffers are our greeters, our resources for booking or moving classes, and for scheduling make-up lessons. They truly keep us organized!

Deck Supervisor

Unlike other swim schools, Goldfish is proud to have an extra set of eyes on the pool at all times. Introducing our deck supervisors—they ensure the pool deck is safe and staffed with the most knowledgeable teachers possible. They also make sure the instruction your little swimmer is getting in the water is of the highest quality. If you see them when meeting up with your child after lessons, we encourage you to say hi! They’re also a point person for any questions you may have.


Arguably one of the most important positions at Goldfish, the teacher is responsible for teaching your children the swimming and water safety skills they need to thrive in the water.

Deck Teacher

Think of the deck teacher as a teacher’s wing-man or woman; they act as lifeguards and assistants during lessons.

A competent and well-trained staff is at the core of bringing the very best experience to our students. You might even say it’s Golden.

If you’re starting lessons at Goldfish this winter, on behalf of all our staff members, we can’t wait to meet you!

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