Is More Family Time your New Year’s Resolution? Try Family Swim!

For families, two common New Year’s resolutions are likely spending more time together and being more active. Well, you can easily accomplish both — and have a GOLDEN experience while doing so — by joining in a Family Swim at Goldfish Swim School!

What is Family Swim?

It’s a time to bring everyone up to the pool for swimming and water fun! There’s no structure, so you’re free to do as you wish: Play! Family Swim is great for introducing kids to the water and the Goldfish Swim School environment — and if your little goldfish is struggling with lessons, it’s a relaxing way to get used to being in the water. And, for the kids who are enjoying themselves during their weekly swim lessons, the best part about going to Family Swim is being able to show off all the extraordinary results they’re getting with swim lessons —with you, the proud parents, there to celebrate! And Family Swim is the perfect opportunity for that: It’s a fun way to reinforce and practice the skills learned during regular weekly lessons. Take the whole family to Goldfish Swim School for some fun in the 90-degree water. The normal lane dividers are gone, but the swimming platforms (which are easy to move around) are still set up for the kids to show off their skills. Plus, all those cool swim toys you’re not allowed to bring to the community pool? You can play with them all! Oh, and there are life jackets, too, so you don’t have to feel like you have to constantly hold the little one who hasn’t mastered the big swimming skills yet. Splash around, swim or even float — as long as you’re all having fun together!

Non-members are welcome, too!

Don’t have a kid in swim lessons? No problem. For normal Family Swim times, families who aren’t currently enrolled in Goldfish Swim School lessons are more than welcome. Call ahead to make sure to reserve a spot and simply bring your suit and towel and jump in (well, don’t really jump in the water, but you get the drift). And who knows, maybe your own little goldfish will be begging to sign up for swimming lessons? Or you’ll decide that it’s the right time to sign up the kids, since Goldfish Swim School has lessons for children ages 4 months and older!  All members are given a free Family Swim pass when they sign up for lessons…which can be a great gift to give friends and family so they have a chance to test the waters at Goldfish Swim School, too! (So don’t forget to ask around if anyone has one for you!)

When is Family Swim?

Family Swim is offered at many Goldfish Swim School locations all week and weekend long. In addition, each location usually has a weekend Family Swim event on a Friday nights at least once a month. The times of these vary by location, so always call ahead to check and see what time it’s being offered near you. Pro tip: “Like” your nearest location on Facebook (or at the very least, our corporate Facebook page) for all the latest news about Family Swim days, times and special events.

How much does Family Swim cost?

Members are allowed to swim for free during the Monday through Thursday daytime Family Swim times. For non-members, the cost for any of the Family Swim times, whether during the week or on the weekend, is $5 per person, but no more than $15 per family. In addition, members also have to pay that same rate for the weekend Family Swim times. Please note that prices may vary by location, so please double check with your nearest location for the most up-to-date information.

Family Swim can be used as a makeup lesson

Missed a lesson but can’t seem to find another time that works to make it up? Head to Family Swim! Members who miss a class can go to a Family Swim time of their choice for free and use that at their makeup class (even a weekend one, where normally you would have to pay to play).

Goldfish Swim School

Stopping by for Family Swim is a great way to test the waters to see if Goldfish Swim School is the right place for your young swimmers to learn swim skills. (Curious? Here are the 5 top reasons it is!) The instructors at Goldfish Swim School use integrity, compassion and trust to provide some truly WOW customer service and teach these Top 5 Benefits of Knowing how to Swim (for Kids).

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