The Deep Dive

It’s fin-tastic that you are considering a franchise opportunity with Goldfish Swim School. This page provides a deeper dive into the industry, our differentiators, and performance. Our team is always happy to lend a fin and answer your questions.

Youth Sports, Particularly Swimming, is on the Rise!

Youth Sports is a 17-billion-dollar industry and growing. More than a quarter of US families spend over $500 a month on youth sports. Why is getting children involved in sports early such a priority in today’s family? It’s simple. Children who participate in sports do better in life. They are more engaged, have stronger personal relationships and mental health. Take a look at the research Aspen Institute conducted. This same research showed that swimming is a top 3 sport for boys and girls based on physical activity, psychosocial, and safety benefits.


The Swimmer-verse

Today 48 million kids are in the prime swimming demo in the US (under 11 years of age). This audience isn’t showing signs of slowing. Swimming is an essential life skill, and swim instruction is proven to reduce childhood drowning rates. In fact, the American Association of Pediatricians has declared that children should start taking swim lessons as young as one year of age.

At Goldfish, we’ve seen that our perpetual model of swim lessons is what parents are looking for. Across all learn to swim programs from 2000 to 2017, year-round memberships for swimming have increased 52%—the reason–swim lessons save lives.

The Need for Goldfish Swim School

Drowning is still the number 1 accidental cause of death of children under 6. And sadly, through the pandemic, we’ve seen drowning numbers increase. Learning to swim is an essential life skill for all children and Goldfish is the leading provider of swim education in the country. Our schools, and the Goldfish Foundation, work in their communities to help solve the crisis of childhood drownings partnering with non-profits, educators, and healthcare organizations.

Cullen Jones, world-famous, Olympic Gold Medalist and Goldfish Brand Ambassador, has shared that he almost drowned as a small child and that caused his family to realize the importance of swim lessons. (See more about his story in USA Today.)

As an owner, you will not only work to solve this issue daily for families in your community, but you will have the opportunity to partner with these great organizations to help educate your community.

It’s the Differences that Make Us Great!

All franchise systems offer some kind of training and brand support. At Goldfish Swim School, it’s our differences that make our franchise system strokes ahead. And our members think so too! Our Net Promoter Scores are comparable to the world’s leading brands, including Starbucks and Apple.

Unlike our competition, our perpetual model for swim lessons builds consistency and success for our students and strong cash flow performance for you. As a subscription-based business the franchisee brings in most of its revenue early in the month when the monthly subscription price is paid by the customer. Perpetual lessons also allow new members to begin lessons at any time, allowing you to realize that revenue immediately.

Then there are our facilities, designed for pure enjoyment for parents and children. Our vibrant tropical theme, the 90-degree shiver-free pool, the changing huts built for families, our swimsuit dryers, and hair drying station are a few of the details that make it hard to compete with Goldfish. We believe the look and feel of our facilities show the premium nature of our brand. We are truly a fin above the rest.

With more than 128 schools open in 32 states and Canada, and almost 15 years in franchising, our system has a proven track record of first in class support for our franchisees. Our Goldfish Franchise Services helps you throughout your franchise ownership. Our team provides extensive support from construction, to operations, training and marketing in both the pre-opening phase and after opening during your journey with Goldfish. We are with you every step of the way, including, providing you with benchmarks needed to make decisions on scaling your business, and ongoing team training as you grow. This level of franchising experience and the longevity of our brand put us at the top in our industry.

Our digital marketing performance is unmatched as well. Goldfish is the industry leader in digital marketing share of voice- making us the most visible swim lesson brand on the internet.

An Eternal Need. A Great Target Audience.

Guided Play + Safe Environment = The Science of SwimPlay®

Every parent wants the best for their kids. It’s why development books, educational DVDs and parenting courses are so popular. For parents this can be so overwhelming. So what works the best? Well, science says the foundation for a child’s cognitive growth is rooted in two key factors: a safe environment and learning through guided play at any age. Yes, play. This is how kids develop the skills that ultimately give them the courage to dive into new experiences.

The fact is a child’s potential is in there. Sometimes you just need to add water. That's where Goldfish Swim School comes in - our swimming lessons for kids are based on the philosophy that children learn through play. This positive, consistent instruction, helps with retention and revenue.

Many franchise concepts start off leveraging a fad or trend as the foundation for their brand. Not Goldfish. When Jenny and Chris McCuiston founded the first Goldfish Swim school, it was with the knowledge that the need for positive swim instruction was eternal. Swimming is a fundamental “life skill” every child should have. Our core audience sees their role as parents as “curators of experiences” for their children. They research programs and opportunities for their kids and are looking for the best experiences they can find. Goldfish Swim School offers both the child and the family a GOLDEN EXPERIENCE that goes well past swim instruction. It helps the child holistically from a physical and mental health perspective. As the premier provider of swim instruction in the U.S., Goldfish is a trusted brand by parents and excels through its smart marketing strategy and word of mouth . Our strategic partnerships help further endorse our brand—partners like USA Swimming Foundation, Speedo, and The National Drowning Prevention Alliance. Brand Ambassadors have joined our team to share about Goldfish’s program, including Dr. Molly O’Shea and Olympic Gold Medalists Ryan Murphy and Cullen Jones. A strong brand can be seen by the company it keeps, and Goldfish is in good company.

Insights from Goldfish Swim School’s Leadership Team

As a leadership team at Goldfish Swim School, we work each day to maximize our offering and improve our operations, so franchisees have the best programs and tools to run their business. Each quarter, come back and we will share our State of the Company Podcast so you can learn more about our strategic plans.


Jump Into Deeper Waters With Our State of the Company Podcast

Meant to be a deeper dive for investors considering an investment in Goldfish Swim School, our quarterly State of the Company Podcast is created immediately following our quarterly leadership planning sessions and will give you insights on the direction of the company. Check back each quarter to see how our plan is progressing.

Contact us to see if you’re a perfect match. We appreciate your interest in our premier swim school franchise.

Territories Available Across the Nation

Goldfish is bringing our swim lessons to kids throughout the U.S. and Canada. Explore our available territories to find one close to you!

What Our Franchisees Are Saying
  • “Goldfish Swim School puts good into the world. The safety of the children comes first and is seen throughout the training and curriculum in place. It is a family-oriented business that cares about the franchisees and teams that run the schools on a daily basis.” - Gina and Ryan Bewersdorf
  • “Goldfish Swim School feels like a family! I have worked in corporate America prior to this role and it makes all the difference to feel like you are part of a family and that each and every day we have the opportunity to change a child's life in so many ways.” - Katie Lee
  • “Having both grown up around the water, we know how important water safety skills are and are so thrilled to be able to help instill life skills in the kids we teach. Goldfish was a phenomenal resource for us to bring to our community. We are so happy to have a place here for all families while building a business and life for our own.” - Manuel Alex

Our Core Values

  • We go above and beyond with every detail to create a GOLDEN Experience!
  • We believe in nurturing a culture that provides WOW! Customer Service
  • We meet and exceed expectations so you see Extraordinary Results
  • We make a big deal about life’s accomplishments by remembering to Celebrate!
  • We do the right things, make the right decisions and treat people with Integrity - Compassion - Trust

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