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Safety is the number one priority at Goldfish Swim School—Warson Woods, so we continue to follow the recommendations set out by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as guidelines put out by the State of Missouri and St. Louis County for reopening a public water recreation facility in a safe manner. It is important to know our state-of-the-art water purification system uses chlorine as a disinfectant to provide the safest swimming environment. According to the CDC, proper operation, maintenance, and use of disinfectants (such as chlorine) removes / inactivates Coronavirus and there is no evidence of the virus spreading in pools.

In preparation for a June 16 reopening, Goldfish Swim School—Warson Woods has worked collaboratively with more than 100 schools and a franchise support team to take careful steps to modify our curriculum and adjust our procedures with the safety of our guests and employees in mind. Below are some of the measures we will take on our end and highly encourage members to take as well.

Safer Guests & Members

  • Personal Protective Equipment: W​e appreciate all members and swimmers wearing face masks in our facility. For safety reasons, children will not wear face masks while in the pool. Instructors will wear face shields during lessons to create an additional level of protection while working with swimmers (may be removed temporarily for underwater demonstrations).
  • Wellness: According to St. Louis County guidelines, in order to minimize the risk of virus transmission, everyone must wear a mask to enter our swim facility. Providing disposable masks (limited supply) for those that forget their own and additional items like gloves, sanitizer and resource information promotes the safety of all guests and employees while at Goldfish. Asking members to stay home if they are ill or have been exposed to Covid-19 supports a Goldfish core value and is the right thing to do.
  • Limited Occupancy:​ One caregiver entering the building per swimmer helps us meet the occupancy requirements set by the state and county (Parents in Mini 1 & 2 classes may bring an additional parent/guest to watch from the viewing area if space allows). Limited occupancy supports the requirements of our Health Department so that guests can maintain a social distance of 6 feet apart.
  • Swim Ready: Parents arriving no more than 5 minutes before class and exiting the facility promptly after lessons are finished helps us abide by the occupancy regulations and makes the environment safer for the next group of lessons.​ Swimmers are asked to arrive ready for class to eliminate the use of changing huts. Encouraging one way flow through our facility will help guests to maintain 6 feet of social distance. Bathroom changing tables are available for those that need to change swim diapers. (We understand that you might want to change your child out of a swim diaper and for special circumstances we can make private changing huts available. Ask a member of management to assist you, so that we can follow social distancing procedures and stay on top of the extra sanitation required to keep everyone in the facility safe.)
  • Touchless Check-in / Registration: Goldfish Staff at the entry door reminds all participants to use the touch-free sanitizing stations upon entering the facility. Everyone is encouraged to download the new Goldfish APP (available for iOS and Android systems) for convenient check-in on your phone. Because we have disabled our front desk kiosk, a member of our team will also take attendance during class. Registration has gone paperless and although current members just signed forms throughout the last three months, we were required to update our policies with the new Covid language. You will be prompted to accept these policies on our new eSignature platform at the time you book into the new schedule.
  • Celebrations: Sharing with your children before they arrive that some of our “Goldfish Extras” are on vacation prepares swimmers that things will look different. Please help us lessen the disappointment they may feel when they find out showers are closed, changing rooms are locked and quarter candies have been set aside for the time being. Prizes are limited to packaged bath toys that will be spaced out throughout the coming weeks.

Safer Team

  • Health Screenings / Temperature Checks:​ Staff members who are not feeling well are asked to remain at home. All employees will have temperatures taken upon arrival for shifts which will be logged electronically by managers or owners. Any employee with a temperature over 100.3 will be sent home immediately and will be encouraged to seek medical treatment. Staff are asked to remain home if they are ill or have been exposed to Covid-19 for a period of at least 14 days (CDC guidelines and state and local health department guidelines will all be strictly followed as far as employees safely returning to work).
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Employees coming to work dressed for their shifts supports the facility flow and social distancing efforts put in place by our team. Staff will wear protective gear where applicable. Fun “fishy” cotton masks sewn for staff by one of our very own instructors/supervisors sets a good example and shows respect in a fun, safe way. While in the water employees instructors will wear face shields and upon exiting the water are required to put on a washable mask. It is not recommended that lifeguards wear face coverings while on duty.
  • Awareness and Preparedness Training: ​Our employees play a key role in helping prevent
    the spread of coronavirus. To that end, our team has been taught how to prepare for and respond to coronavirus. In addition, they have spent many hours retraining to learn modifications to the Goldfish curriculum, changes to procedures and safety protocols and processes related to new technology initiatives.

Safer Facility

  • Facility Flow: Continuous flow through the facility helps Goldfish Guides showcase social distancing measures for all guests in our facility. Goldfish Guides are dedicated staff members assigned to each group that enters our facility every 30-minutes. They will ensure all members are clear on new guidelines, will direct facility flow and open doors for entering and exiting the pool. While students are in lessons the guide will disinfect surfaces in the viewing area and be available to answer any questions guests have.
  • Safety Signage: D​ecals throughout the facility share helpful reminders and control the flow of traffic through the school.
  • Social Distancing: W​e have arranged the chairs in our viewing area to best accommodate social distancing recommendations. Kindly use the seat aligned with your swimmer’s lane and refrain from moving chairs. When your child’s class is over, please collect your things to provide staff with time to disinfect for the next group. Flipping the “Clean Me” sign to the front of the chair saves staff time in only disinfecting chairs that have been used. New bench seating is available outside, but we ask that you inform Front Desk staff. Please don’t leave the covered sidewalk during your child’s class. We need to be able to find you if your child needs you.
  • Abridged Amenities:​ We’ve been asked to suspend some of our added extras to curb the spread of germs: books, toys, prizes, hair dryers, high chairs, loaner goggles. Closed changing huts are temporary, but allow for a fun, interactive experience while you wait with your child in a social distancing manner. Enabling the use of dryside bathrooms helps us to abide by the recommendations of local and state authorities. Temporarily suspending use of the deck showers gives deck assistants an area to sanitize pool equipment in between uses.
  • Cashless Transactions: Paying for all purchases with a credit card on file eliminates more touch points between members and staff. Treasure Island Proshop is open (with the assistance of front desk staff) and limited prepackaged snacks items from our Snack Shack are available. “Penny Candy” is on vacation!
  • Enhanced Sanitation: Proper supplies available for cleaning the facility and equipment protects our staff and ensures that we are taking all steps to stop the spread of germs (chemicals used in our facility are all on the approved list of chemicals provided by the CDC).
    • Dry side— Increased cleaning shows we pride ourselves on a sparkling facility. The new regimen allows members to see the extra measures we are implementing by means of completion charts posted and visible at all restrooms, as well as on surfaces throughout the facility. In addition to increasing sanitation efforts throughout the day, our ownership team has purchased a new commercial steam cleaning machine for disinfecting the dryside floors as often as necessary.
    • Wet side— Wysiwash equipment currently used on the wet side of the facility provides a chlorine generated wash that disinfects floors, benches and pool equipment. Professional services have also been contracted to provide deep clean sanitation services for all of our bathrooms and shower areas. Increasing cleaning and sanitation procedures helps mitigate the risk of infection (designated staff members will regularly disinfect high-touch areas)
  • Efficient Air Circulation: Our pool and dry side HVAC has been programmed to introduce fresh air into the facility at a higher rate than traditional systems.
  • Swim Lesson Safety: Small class sizes are even smaller and lane width adjustments accommodate more space for social distancing. Lesson tools rotate every 30 minutes to allow for sanitization between use and all swim instructors are trained to make modifications/adjustments to skills to deter face-to-face contact (as much as possible).
  • Technology Improvements: We are working to leverage technology as a way to share skill progression with parents. End-of-class communication suspension in the interim helps parents and instructors maintain social distancing. Questions can be directed to the Deck Supervisor or a Goldfish Guide and someone is sure to reach out to you within 24 hours.

Goldfish Swim School instructors undergo extensive training, so you can trust that they’re fun, patient and more than qualified to ensure the safety of our swimmers.

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