March Star Students

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Meet Myrah!

Myrah is doing excellent in class! She has great breath control and can swim 5 feet all by herself! She also loves floating on her back and working on her rollovers. Each week she comes to class smiling and excited for class. We can’t wait to see what you accomplish next, Myrah!

Meet Jayda!

Jayda just moved up to our Glider 2 level. When she started lessons she had trouble with her rollovers. With a lot of determination she mastered her rollover, and can now swim across the pool! We are so impressed with how far you have come!

Meet Robbie Jr.!

Robbie Jr. loves practicing his strong kicks on the barbell and comes to class each week with a smile on his face! He also loves to climb out of the pool by himself using his strong muscles! Keep up the good work, Robbie Jr.!

Meet Max!

Max just moved up to our Junior 2 level! He always comes to class with a smile and his favorite thing to do is practice his wall safety skills. He has come a long way and is doing an amazing job swimming all by himself

March Star Students: Myrah, Jayda, Robbie Jr., Max

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