December Star Students

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December Star Students, Sadie, Raeann, Cruz, Mary

Way to go, Sadie!

Sadie has been in lessons for about a year and started in our Junior 1 level. She has now moved up to Glider 3, and loves practicing her freestyle arms in class. Sadie always lights up everyone’s day with her jokes and great attitude! Keep up the great work!

Great job, Raeann!

Raeann has been in lessons for about a year and has moved all the way from Glider 2 to Pro 2! She loves to dive for rings and practice her dolphin kick. She was hesitant to start the Pro 2 class, but now doesn’t want to stop swimming! Awesome job, Raeann!

Meet Cruz!

Cruz was hesitant to swim when he started lessons, but has since moved up to our Glider 2 level where he is swimming all the way across the pool! Congratulations, and keep up the great work, Cruz!

Congratulations Mary!

Mary has improved her swimming skills over the past few month, and is now able to swim 10 feet all by herself. She always comes to class determined to work hard and improve her swimming skills. Awesome job, Mary!

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