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September Star Students

Meet Benjamin!

Ben is a very dedicated and hard worker in swim class. This shows in his multiple level advancements over just a few months! He started in our Glider 1 level, and has already advanced to Glider 3! His goal is to reach Swim Force one day! Congratulations, Ben!

Meet Harrison!

Harrison makes improvements each week in swim class! His bubbly personality makes for such a fun swim class! He is always singing along with the songs and can hold is breath under water for 5 seconds! WOW!!!! He is shortly on his way to pulling and kicking on his own as well. There is no slowing this fish down! Swimtastic Job Harrison! We cant wait to watch you grow into an amazing swimmer! Just Keep Swimming!

Meet Kate!

When Kate started lessons in February, she was reluctant to get in the pool for swimming lessons. Through a lot of hard work and staying consistent, she began to pull and kick all on her own! She even likes to show her classmates her swimming skills. Great job, Kate!

Meet Shawn!

Shawn has been in our Mini 1 Class and is doing great! Every week he gets better and better at his dips! His pullers are so huge that they make waves! Shawn is also comfortable on a barbell which is uncomfortable for most swimmers! Shawn pays such good attention to teachers and has such a good time in class. Keep up the amazing work Shawn, we can’t wait to see the awesome swimmer you turn into!

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