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October Star Students

Meet Emerson!

Emerson is in Swim Force and has been working really hard to master her swimming technique. After many months of hard work and practice, she has o-fish-ally mastered her flip turn! Congratulations, and keep up the hard work!

Meet Gemma!

On her first day without mom she was really timid, and on only her second lesson she conquered her fears and went under water! Now she is excited to come to swim class, and loves splashing in the water!

Meet Victoria!

Each week Victoria comes to class ready to learn. She recently moved up to our Pro 1 level, and her dolphin kick is already looking great! Her favorite part of class is diving for rings! Keep up the awesome work!

Meet Angelo!

Angelo has come a long way since starting lessons at Goldfish a couple months ago! He started without knowing how to swim, and can already float on his back! He has even started to swim independently, and has grown to love the water. Keep up the great work!

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