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Meet Phinneous!

Phinneous recently moved up from a Mini 2 class to a Junior 1. It took him a few weeks to adjust to being without mom, but now he loves coming to swim class and is so excited to see Miss Jessica! He is rocking out his Superman Glides, his kickers and Sea Otter floats! Way to go Phinneous!

Meet Mackenzie!

Mackenzie spent a year and a half in the Mini 2 class. When she turned 3 years old she was ready for our Junior 2 class. She is 3 1/2 years old and is swimming 10 feet and almost rolling over by herself! Keep up the great work Mackenzie!!

Meet Kaden!

Kaden has come such a long way! He was very scared of the water at the start of swim classes, and now he is going under water like a little fish! Each week Kaden’s kicks splash around the whole pool and they are only getting stronger! He is also great at balancing in the water and playing independently on the step with all of his favorite toys. The next skill he really wants to master is his sea otter float! Way to go Kaden!

Meet Justin & Khloe!

Justin has been swimming with Goldfish for almost 3 years. He started out in our Junior 1 class and worked on getting comfortable going under water. Now, he is in our Pro level where he is mastering USA freestyle & backstroke and loves to work on flip turns! Nice work Justin!

Khloe started our program when she was 2 years old in a Mini 3 class. It took her some time to build her confidence in the water and there were many tears at first. Over time Khloe became a little fish and just moved up from a Junior 2 to a Junior 3 class. She can swim over 10 feet and can roll herself over and float by herself! We are so proud of you Khloe!

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