March Star Students

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Meet Colton!

Colton started in a Junior 1 class and after only 2 weeks, he moved up to a Junior 2. After only another 2 weeks in a Junior 2 he moved up two levels to a Glider! Colton is a very faster learner and a bundle of energy. We’re so excited to see him every Thursday morning!

Meet Matthew!

Matthew has been swimming at Goldfish since 2014! In his time here, he has gone from working on breath control and rollovers, to freestyle and breaststroke kick. He is now in our Star level! He works hard every class and loves to practice his dolphin kick and diving for rings! Way to go Matthew!

Meet Virginia!

Virginia started with us last year in a Mini 2 last year. She is now 3 years old and has worked herself up into a Junior 3! She has gone from just paddling through the water to now using her big windmill arms. She is also working on doing backstroke all by herself. Keep up the great work Virginia!

Meet Zachary!

When Zachary first started he was very reluctant to swim independently. He is now able to pull and kick 10 feet all on his own! He loves to work on the wall safety skills and practice climbing out. Zachary has progressed so much and we are so excited to see him be safe and more comfortable in the water! Nice work Zachary!

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