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Meet Mia!

Mia has advanced so much in her swimming skills!  When she first started, she struggled with rolling over and floating.  Now, she floats like a pro and is working on her lead arm rollovers.  It won’t be long before she is ready to move up to Glider 3!  Nice work Mia!

Meet Nora!

Nora is in our Mini 2 class with Ms. Avery.  She was very apprehensive at first and not quite comfortable in the water.  In just 2 months, she has grown to love the water!  She is excited to be in class and can even pull and kick independently!   Keep up the great work Nora!

Meet Rilee!

At first, Rilee would only swim a few feet and was scared to go any further.  After several months of hard work and building her confidence, she can now float on her back and confidently superman glide all by herself!  She is swimming half way across the pool and has just moved up to our Glider 2 class!  Way to go Rilee!

Meet Riley!

When Riley first started, she was scared to go in to the water and did not want to swim! Within only four weeks, Riley’s perspective changed, and she now has a giant smile on her face and goes under water without crying! She is quickly becoming a fantastic swimmer! Keep it up Riley!

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