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Meet Thaddeus!

Thaddeus started out in our Glider 1 level and he was working on breath control and getting floating independently. In just a years time, he has advanced to our Pro 2 level where he is working on his butterfly, breastroke and flip turns! His favorite skill is doing the underwater streamline! Nice work Thaddeus!

Meet Nataleigh!

Nataleigh started in our Mini 2 class in January where she swam with her parent and loved going under water! She moved up to a Junior 2 in May, but was very apprehensive to be without her parents. After some tears, she become comfortable with the teacher. She really enjoys the big girl class and swims just over 5 feet all by herself! Way to go Nataleigh!

Meet Sammy!

Sammy is 8 months old. He has been swimming with us for 5 months and has become a master at going under water. He has super fast kicks and even uses his pullers all the time in class! Sammy has no fear when it comes to our independent skills and loves going down the slide! Sammy makes swimming look easy, and we can’t wait to see what else he can accomplish! Keep it up Sammy!

Meet Hailey!

Hailey started when she was 4 years old. She started in our Junior program and has worked her way up into Gliders. She became very nervous about swimming all the way across the pool, but after some time building her confidence, she can do it with ease. She loves diving for things and treading water! You rock, Hailey!

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