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August Star Students, Enzo, Gabriella, Maria, and Jacob

Meet Enzo!

Enzo started in a Mini 2 and is now in a Junior 1. He just loves to swim and is making such great progress! His favorite part of swimming is going underwater! Way to go, Enzo!

Meet Gabriella!

Gabriella started at Goldfish in April 2016 and has accomplished major milestones, going above and beyond the Mini 2 end goals! Gabriella enjoys floating on her back and taking long dips to look for Goldfish! She is an amazing swimmer! Keep up the great work, Gabriella!

Meet Maria!

Maria started lessons with Goldfish this summer in our Jump Start Clinics. She has been working so hard and loves to do her pulls and kicks! Great job, Maria!

Meet Jacob!

Jacob has moved from Junior 1 to Junior 3 very quickly! He does an amazing job on his water safety! His favorite thing about swim lessons is doing his superman glides! Way to go, Jacob!

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