Multi-Concept Franchise Owners Share Their Criteria for Franchise Investments

Ken Merideth and David Goodman are no strangers to business leadership. This dynamic duo met while working in Investment Banking and decided to make a bold choice and go into business for themselves. Now 6 years into this journey, the team owns multiple, successful franchise concepts and locations throughout the United States.

“Investing in Operating Companies was the right approach for us. Being in business for yourself but not by yourself gives our team the support structure needed to succeed and grow,” shares Goodman. “Goldfish’s Franchise Team is outstanding, helping us with operations, marketing, finance and construction. Each person in their team is fantastic and goes beyond to support our teams,” continued Goodman.

Owners of Goldfish Swim Schools coming to Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida.

Merideth shared their criteria for investments. “We look for three key factors. First, cashflow. Is there a track record for predictable and strong cash flow? Second, is the business durable, meaning is the business concept sustainable and predictable? And finally, is the concept the market leader in their category?” The Goldfish Swim School franchise was actually recommended to the team by a trusted financial advisor. “We only want to invest in brands that are #1 in their category, which made Goldfish a no-brainer,” added Goodman.

Goldfish Swim School owners come from a broad range of backgrounds, but one thing is consistent -  they are looking for a model that will be sustainable in the long-term. “Learning to swim is an essential life skill that each new generation will need. Goldfish Swim School has turned this essential skill into a world-class operation. We are proud to be owners,” concluded Merideth.

If you are ready to jump into a new opportunity, consider franchising with Goldfish Swim School. Goldfish Swim School Franchising has significant opportunities in California, Dallas, and Canada for development.

Reach out today to see if the territory you’re interested in is available. 

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