Goldfish Swim School’s GOLDEN EXPERIENCE Reaches Beyond Our Swimmers and Parents

Critical to the success of any consumer brand is evolving the business to meet and exceed the needs of its customers. That is no exception when your business is to serve franchisees. At the Goldfish Swim School Franchise Office, our teams work to provide a Golden Experience for our owners every day. We seek to continually improve and enhance our franchise offering. That is why we continue to use Franchise Business Review to help us quantify Franchisee Satisfaction and help us prioritize our offerings to create WOW Customer Service for our franchise owners.

The Franchise Business Review Franchisee Satisfaction Survey digs into all aspects of our business, from the leadership team to operational and training support, to marketing and the business opportunity. It is exhaustive. Thank you, owners, for doing this! Your feedback makes us better each year.

“Routinely, the brands that work with us on the Franchise Satisfaction Study see continued improvement in both franchisee satisfaction and revenue gains. These two factors are directly correlated,” shared Courtney Stillings of Franchise Business Review.

Using the open-ended, honest feedback, we at Goldfish set our plans for the next quarter and year. We are thrilled to say that Goldfish Swim School owners ranked Financial Opportunity as one of the highest scores in the study.

For you, a prospective franchisee, ask the brands you’re considering if this type of input is something they regularly use to improve their brands. Ask about which factors they rated well. See if they will be willing to share their results and how they benchmark. If you’re interested in how Goldfish Swim School was ranked and learning more about our franchise development opportunities, reach out to us- we are proud to share our owners’ feedback. Simply set up a no-obligation introductory call with our team by clicking on the following Calendly link, and you can schedule a time that works for you. 

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