Verona swim lessons

Discover Your Child’s Potential

Learning how to swim may save your child’s life one day, but it’s also a fun and exciting activity for all ages. By using the latest in play-based learning techniques, our fully-certified swim instructors at Goldfish Swim School - Fitchburg can unlock your child’s love of the water! Following a unique philosophy called The Science of SwimPlay, we can encourage cognitive development and character-building in kids ages 4 months to 12 years.

When it comes to pool options, nothing beats our state-of-the-art aquatic learning facilities. With engaging tropical décor, air-conditioned viewing galleries for parents, and a snack shop, we can provide a trusted and safe environment for your kids to thrive. Looking for a wholesome family activity? Try out one of our “family swim” sessions and strengthen the bonds with your children!

Our Verona aquatic center includes the following perks:

  • A certified lifeguard and instructor for every 4 swim students
  • Easy and convenient scheduling system
  • Safe and secure environment designed for young children
  • Year-round swim lessons, parties, and family swims

Encouraging kids to build character and confidence, our instructors make it easy for your child to master the art of swimming. After all, your child’s potential is already in there: We just add water!

Call (608) 440-9798 to learn more about our Verona swim lessons for toddlers and children.

It's Time To Take a Swim!