Whether you are looking for weekly group lesson pricing for your baby or are interested in your advanced swimmer joining our swim team, our pricing page has all the info you'll need to get started. To ensure your child is placed in the right lesson level, take our swim assessment.

  • Annual Membership $25

    Membership fee is per child and due upon registration. Fee is due annually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reliable Answers to Our Most Popular Questions

  • Q:
    Do you offer refunds, credits or transfers?
    Unfortunately, we do not issue these, but we can schedule a make-up lesson at a time that’s convenient for you. We can work with your schedule!
  • Q:
    Why do you charge in advance?
    Your payment reserves your enrollment with Goldfish Swim School and ensures that your child has a place with us.
  • Q:
    How do I pay for lessons?
    We use an automatic payment system so there’s no need to worry about having to run to the ATM before every lesson.
  • Q:
    What if I need to cancel my child’s swim membership?
    No problem. Simply contact our front desk to complete our short withdrawal form and submit it 30 days prior to your last lesson.
Anne H.
Hear From Happy Parents

“This is where to go if you want your kid to learn and advance, quickly. The coaches support them less and less over time so the child is forced to work (as appropriate of course - my son is 3). I really appreciate this. I have spent a lot of time and money at another facility where it's like they're afraid for the kid to swim, and encourage the use of fins or flotation belts. Not at Goldfish - just swimming and survival techniques. They also have extra people watching the water or helping - a lifeguard, another instructor, etc. So if your kid is in a full class, there's sometimes less waiting for their turn. Or if they're new swimmers there are extra eyes on the water. They also have someone on deck doing evaluations frequently - so you can see exactly what your swimmer can and can't do. And exactly what they need to master to get to the next level. The facility is very clean and very cute, and they've made it very safe during these covid times - face shields on instructors, masks on the staff, and it's a huge place to be able to watch your swimmer and be distanced. We moved 20 minutes away and I still drive down - it's so worth it.”

- Anne H.
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