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Aloha, Jude!

Jude started with us a Mini 3 and is now a Junior 2 with Ms. Tori! Ms. Tori is so proud of how hard Jude is working! Jude always has his goggles on and ready to go – knows his safety and demonstrates it every week in the pool! Jude is a great cheerleader for his swim mates and always encourages them when they work hard! Congratulations, Jude!

Congratulations to Alex!

Alex currently is swimming as a Junior 3, but has worked his way through the Junior levels because he is always energetic and ready to swim! Alex has been working very hard to improve his swimming skills and is pulling together his roll over very well! Great job, Alex!

Great job, Tad!

Tad started as a Glider 2 and is flying through the levels because he works so hard! Mr. Josh is very proud of Tad who shows up ready to work every week. He is always enthusiastic, ready to learn, and has become a strong swimmer now at the Pro 2 level! Keep up the great work Tad!

May Star Students, Jude, Alex, Tad

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