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Aloha, Bowen!

Bowen started with us as a Mini 2 and loved the water, as a M3 he did miss swimming with Mom, but has grown moved along very well, now as a Junior 2, swimming 10 feet unassisted! Ms. Tori says Bowen is so fun and goofy in class but always works hard!

Congratulations to Hannah!

Hannah started swimming with us back in 2014 as a Mini 2! Joining us back as a Glider 1 in 2017, Hannah has worked very hard to move through the levels, always having fun and brining a smile to her instructors now swimming as a Pro 2! Her Instructors all say it’s always super fun to see Hannah in class!

Great job, Robert!

Starting off his swimming lessons as a Junior 1 Robert is now a Glider 1 and Ms. Zoe LOVES having him in her lessons! Robert enjoys playing in the water and has continued to improve at his lessons. Working hard on his freestyle stroke and floating on his back Robert makes Ms. Zoe smile and she knows that he’s always working to improve!

April Star Students, Bowen, Hannah, Robert

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