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Say Aloha to Hannalise!

This little swimmer is more than just impressive. At barely four years old, Hannalise has moved her way up through our levels and is now swimming as a Pro 1! She started out in our Mini 3 class and has worked her way through more levels than most kiddos her age. She truly loves the water and works her tail off when learning a new skill. We love seeing Hannalise grow! Keep up the fin-tastic work!

Meet Sophie!

Sophie has worked her fins off since she began classes in February. Starting out in our Glider 2 level, Sophie has truly shown what determination can do and has moved up four levels! She now swims on our Swim Force team! Not only is Sophie a wonderful swimmer, but she always shows a great attitude during practice. We love seeing Sophie enjoy her time in the water. Keep it up, Sophie!

Congrats to Harrison!

Harrison participated in his first Jump Start Clinic with us this summer. After his week long set of lessons, he began weekly group lessons. In less than a month, Harrison moved up from a Junior 1 to a Junior 2! Mr. Ray says Harrison constantly has a smile on his face during class time. He is very eager to try new skills and absolutely loves his time in class. His positive attitude is more than infectious. Harrison keeps everyone on deck smiling as he giggles his way through lessons. We love seeing Harrison each week!

September Star Students Hannalise, Sophie, Harrison

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