November Star Students

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Congratulations to our November Star Students: Mahatma, Ashlyn, Samantha, and Lucas!

Meet Mahitha!

Mahitha is a fantastic example of what we look for in our Star Students. She is always smiling and ready to try anything we throw her way! According to her teacher Mr. Trevor, Mahitha is an absolute joy to have in class. She has been swimming with us for a year now and has progressed in that time from a Glider 2 all the way to Pro 2! We cannot wait to see her continue to progress up to our Swim Force!

Congratulations to Ashlyn!

Ashlyn has been swimming with us since July and is now a Junior 2! Starting off shy and unsure of the water, Ashlyn has made tremendous progress. We love seeing Ashlyn here during open swim each week practicing her new skills and working on furthering her distance. Keep it up, Ashlyn!

GREAT job to Samantha and Lucas!

This dynamic duo has been swimming with us for just over a year now. Both started off in our Glider 1 class, and in the past year have worked like crazy to move up to our Pro 2 level! Both kiddos are always listening to their instructor and looking for ways to improve. We cannot express how proud we are of these two and all their hard work, for it is clearly paying off!

November Star Students Mahitha, Ashlyn, Samantha and Lucas

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