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Way to go Star Students!!

Phoenix has been enrolled in classes here at Goldfish since she was in our Mini 2 class back in 2015. She very quickly moved up to our Junior 1 level, where she was until she took a break for about a year. She is now in our Beginner class and is rocking and rolling! We love seeing her have so much fun in class!

Joshua started with us in 2015 as a Junior 1. He has quickly and continuously been moving up the ranks ever since. He seems to be the epitome of a water bug! Throughout his entire time at Goldfish he has only taken a 4 month break, and is now in our Pro level!! We love seeing him swim so efficiently, and we have loved seeing his progress!

Margaret has only been with us since October of 2016, but her energy, enthusiasm, and love of the water is something special. She has only graced our Mini 3 level, but we are so excited to see how she continues to improve. Seeing the relationship between student and water form is really something that is incredible.

April Star Students Phoenix, Joshua, Margaret

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