February Star Students

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Isaac has been enrolled since October and has made such a change in his technique. It is so wonderful to see him come in every week with an excellent attitude towards fun swimming, safety, and skill improvement! We can’t wait to see how he progresses!

Vincent has been with us at Goldfish since January of 2014 as a Mini 3, and now at just 5 years old he is performing at our Star level!! He comes to swimming with such a love for the water, it inspires us all!! We will look forward to having him on our Swim Team soon!

Brady has been coming to us for not even a year, and he has swum his way up 3 levels!! He shows us all what can be accomplished with hard work, and perseverance. He exemplifies fun, and safety in the water. There is no slowing this little fishy down!

February Star Students Isaac, Vincent and Brady

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