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Say Aloha to Adelynn!

When first in starting Ms. Kylie’s class, Adelynn was afraid to hold her breath and was unable to swim independently.  With great effort, Adelynn is now swimming close to 8 feet and has built such confidence! She is now floating on her back longer and longer each lesson as well. Ms. Kylie has truly enjoyed watching this kiddo’s love for the water grow during their time together. Keep up the fin-tastic work, Adelynn!

Great Job, Sam!

The first time Sam swam with us he was quite fearful and nervous to be on his back. After a short break, Sam has come back and is flying through the skills! Working with Ms. Makela has truly boosted Sam’s confidence. He has come alive in his lessons and is more than willing to try new things in the water. His teacher and the rest of our staff are so proud of Sam’s progress! Keep swimming, Sam!

Congrats to Blythe!

Blythe has been swimming with us since November 2015. This little ray of sunshine absolutely loves the water! She is always excited for lessons and ready to learn more. Blythe originally started in our Mini 3 class and has worked her way up to Junior 3! We love watching her develop her skills in the water. Keep up the amazing work, Blythe!

July Star Students Adelynn, Sam, Blythe

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