January Star Students

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Congratulations to these Star Students!

Meet Adele, Grady, and Aria – A big congratulations to all of these fantastic little fishies! Their hard work and perseverance continues to pay off as they swim their way through Goldfish levels!

Adele has been with us since April of 2014. She started off as a Mini 3 and just two year later is in our Pro class! Adele has remained in water the ENTIRE time. That is a true testament of how staying in the water is so rewarding. Grady has been with us since November of 2015. He started as a Junior 1 and has worked his fins off to now be at a Junior 3 level!!! Such great success! Aria has been with us since September of 2015. She started as a Mini 3, and is now a Glider Plus at such a young age…and just a year later!

January Star Students Adele, Grady, and Aria

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