January Star Students

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Congratulations to Deacon!

Deacon started off in our Mini 3 class and now is rocking his skills in Junior 1! Mr. Shawn and Ms. Alli both have nothing but wonderful things to say about this little man’s progress! Deacon works his fishy tail off every lesson, and we love seeing him week after week. We are so proud of you, Deacon!

Great job to Charlotte!

This little fish has been blowing it out of the water this last month! Charlotte began swimming with us in April and has truly made great strides. She is happy as a clam in class and always has smiles for her teacher and friends. There is no fear with this one as she is always ready to jump off the bench and see how far she can swim. We are so impressed Charlotte, keep up the amazing work!

January Star Students Deacon and Charlotte

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