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Say Aloha to Ava!

Ava came to Goldfish in March, a little shy and not quite confident in the water. Starting out in the Glider 1 class, Ava slowly gained her confidence while working with Mr. Ray. In the last four months, Ava has moved to a Glider 2 and continues to surprise her teacher with her growth in the water. Ava can now complete almost all skill areas in her class level and loves the water! We love seeing our kiddos make such great progress! Keep up the great work, Ava!

Meet Emmett!

This little fish came to Goldfish and enrolled in multiple summer Jump Start Clinics. It is more than obvious that his hard work has paid off! Starting off in a Junior 1 class, Emmett has swam his way through many levels and is now in a Glider 3 class! His progress has been noticed by all the teachers out on deck, along with his happy personality and love of swimming. Mr. Nate, Ms. Emily, and Ms. Oyun all had nothing but positive things to say about Emmett and his determination in the water. We are so proud of the incredible progress he has made!

Congrats to Natalie!

Starting out as a Glider 1 in 2016, Natalie has been moving up through our levels and has developed a love for swimming. She is now in a Pro 2 class with Ms. Zoe! Natalie comes to each lesson excited and ready to learn a new skill. She always volunteers to go first in class and offers to do demonstrations of each stroke for the new students in class. Ms. Zoe has nothing but great things to say about Natalie and we love having her here at Goldfish! Keep swimming, Natalie!

August Star Students Ava, Emmett, Natalie

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