Swim Lessons

  • Goldfish 101: Swim Force

    A little friendly competition never hurt anyone 😏 No really, friendly competition actually HELPS kiddos - teaching them to be a good sport, build up and celebrate their peers and more! 👏 Our friends, Olympic, Competitive Swimmers Cullen Jones and Ryan Murphy think so too! Learn more about the benefits of friendly competition and our swim team, Swim Force, in our latest blog post!

  • Swimming Into Baby Safety Month with Dr. Molly!

    Swimmin’ our way into #BabySafetyMonth and who better to talk to about baby safety than a pediatrician?! Learn more about Dr. Molly’s tips for baby proofing your home and the benefits of time in the water for littles on our most recent blog post!

  • Teacher Transitions: Swimming into New Experiences, with a New Teacher by your Side!

    New experiences, new friends, new swim instructors, no problem! Swim over to our newest blog post to read more about how kiddos can benefit from having a new swim instructor!

  • International Lifeguard Appreciation Day: Celebrating our Life Savers, Life Changers & Wavemakers

    We’re putting our fins together to celebrate all of our lifeguards across North America for #InternationalLifeguardAppreciationDay! Swim over to our newest blog post to read more about what being a lifeguard means, their role at Goldfish Swim School, and the training they receive before hitting the pool deck!

  • Goldfish 101: The Science of SwimPlay®

    At Goldfish Swim School, we know that kiddos learn best when they’re having fun! It’s why parents use sensory tables in their childrens' playroom, why teachers use fun props and toys in their classroom, and why we developed our unique play-based curriculum, The Science of SwimPlay®!”

  • Goldfish 101: Perpetual Lessons

    You may hear about Goldfish Swim School’s perpetual lessons model through an email from your nearest school, or through a social media post, or maybe even from a friend that’s already enrolled in lessons. But, what exactly are perpetual lessons, and why are they more beneficial than attending a short summer session at your local pool? You asked, we’re answering!

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