Swim Lessons

  • Your GOLDEN Guide to Skill Levels

    We’re answering some of your most asked questions about swim levels so your kiddo can be making a splash - in the right level - in no time!

  • Making Waves of Change! We’re Teaming Up With Every Child A Swimmer for a Life-Saving, Life-Changing Splash-tacular Partnership!

    Goldfish Swim School and Every Child a Swimmer are set to make a splash-tacular difference, one stroke at a time! Join us in creating a world where every child can confidently embrace the water, building a legacy of safety, skill and endless smiles - where EVERY CHILD IS A SWIMMER!

  • Swim Lesson Anxiety? Jitt Has Tips!

    Anxiety can come from uncertainty surrounding new experiences, but it is something that can be worked through! With our FINtastic swim instructors in the pool, and your help at home, we can help kids overcome their anxiety around swim lessons (and in general!) one step at a time.

  • Celebrating Sloan and 30-Minute Lessons on World Sea Turtle Day!

    World Sea Turtle Day is Friday, June 16th and we’re so excited to celebrate one turtle that has stolen our hearts, Bubbles’ friend Sloan! Sloan is our silly sea turtle friend that is always up for a 30-minute lesson. He also helps remind us (and our swimmers!) why 30-minute lessons really are the best! Check out the top 3 reasons why Sloan, and all of us at Goldfish Swim School, love 30-minute lessons!

  • Celebrate! Making History with Goldfish at the World's Largest Swimming Lesson!

    We’re teaming up with the World Waterpark Association and swim lesson providers across the world to participate in the #WorldsLargestSwimmingLesson! We’re so excited to be a part of this global initiative to spread awareness about water safety and drowning prevention - in a really big way!

  • Jumping into a Safer Summer!

    Time spent out on the boat, splashing around in the pool, hanging out in the sun, and the best night’s sleep ever afterwards! Summer is right around the corner! As we get ready for more time outdoors and by the water, it’s time to get water ready! Check out our latest blog post for more information on how to prepare yourself and your kiddo for a safer summer!

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