Student's Stories

  • Celebrating a SWIMSATIONAL 2022!

    As one year ends, another one begins! As we swim into 2023, we’re looking back on some of our favorite celebration-worthy moments of 2022, because who doesn’t love a good celebration?! Join us in our mini-trip down memory lane to celebrate our swimmers, crews and owners that made 2022 such a Dream Come True!

  • It’s Time to Celebrate Dreams Coming True in 2022 - In and Out of the Pool!

    That’s a wrap! ✨ Our #DreamsComeTrue22 campaign was a o-FISH-ally a success! 🥳 Read more about our 4️⃣ grand prize winners and their big dreams on our newest blog post!

  • Celebrating Autism Awareness & Inclusion, Water Safety and Drowning Prevention with Alijah’s Awareness & Dr. Molly!

    In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Molly to raise awareness for the extra steps we can take to keep kiddos with extra super powers safer in and around the water! AND Goldfish - Winter Park is diving into their second year of their partnership with Alijahs Awareness and the Alijah’s Swimmers Scholarship Program! ✨

  • Swimming into Safer Summers with Spring Break Jump Start Clinics!

    Anyone else dreaming of the warm sunshine and days outside by the pool?!💧☀️ We can hardly wait! As we sit back to relax by the water, we all want to be sure our kiddos are splashing safely💦 and have the skills they need to be comfortable and confident in the water. How can you be sure your little ones are prepared?! ✨Spring Break Jump Start Clinics!✨

  • 100 Reasons Why Families Swim Goldfish

    Warm-water pools, small class sizes, experienced instructors, a fun and safe environment are a few of the 100 reasons families choose Goldfish Swim School.

  • A Swimmer’s Story

    Having a reluctant little swimmer is hard on any parent. Can reluctant swimmers grow to not only be safer in and around the water but also learn to love the sport?

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