• CELEBRATE National Baby Safety Month With Dr. Molly And Our Friends At Ziebart

    In honor of National Baby Safety Month, we encourage you to think about your safety plan for your new or future baby. From the back seat to your home to a family vacation, safety should always be your #1 priority!

  • Diving into Swim Lessons: Saving Lives, One Stroke at a Time!

    Sadly, drowning incidents have been on the rise, but we know that drowning is preventable, and that requires action from everyone. Swim lessons are the key to turning the tide on this scary trend. Let's dive into the pool of water safety education, so our kids can splash away happily and safely.

  • How Parents Can Think Like a Lifeguard!

    As parents, it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of our swimmers while they enjoy the water. With International Lifeguard Appreciation Day coming up quickly on July 31st, we want to encourage all parents to Think Like a Lifeguard!

  • 2023: A Truly GOLDEN Year For The Safer Swimmer Pledge

    What started as water safety tips and amazing partnerships has blossomed into a truly fintastic month-long celebration! As our Goldfish family continues to grow, so has the Safer Swimmer Pledge, and we’re excited to share just how GOLDEN this year’s pledge drive truly was!

  • Celebrate! Making History with Goldfish at the World's Largest Swimming Lesson!

    We’re teaming up with the World Waterpark Association and swim lesson providers across the world to participate in the #WorldsLargestSwimmingLesson! We’re so excited to be a part of this global initiative to spread awareness about water safety and drowning prevention - in a really big way!

  • Jumping into a Safer Summer!

    Time spent out on the boat, splashing around in the pool, hanging out in the sun, and the best night’s sleep ever afterwards! Summer is right around the corner! As we get ready for more time outdoors and by the water, it’s time to get water ready! Check out our latest blog post for more information on how to prepare yourself and your kiddo for a safer summer!

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