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  • How Parents Can Think Like a Lifeguard!

    As parents, it's our responsibility to ensure the safety of our swimmers while they enjoy the water. With International Lifeguard Appreciation Day coming up quickly on July 31st, we want to encourage all parents to Think Like a Lifeguard!

  • Jumping into a Safer Summer!

    Time spent out on the boat, splashing around in the pool, hanging out in the sun, and the best night’s sleep ever afterwards! Summer is right around the corner! As we get ready for more time outdoors and by the water, it’s time to get water ready! Check out our latest blog post for more information on how to prepare yourself and your kiddo for a safer summer!

  • Dive into the o-FISH-al Goldfish Swim School App!

    We know the life of a parent can be a little crazy sometimes! We don’t want swim lessons to be just another thing on your busy calendar - we want to make your life easier, while helping your kiddo be safer in and around the water, and grow into a healthy, happy little human - and providing a Golden Experience, wherever you are!

  • O-FISH-ALLY Meet Bubbles & Friends!

    You’ve seen their bright, smiling faces throughout Goldfish Swim School, but did you know that Bubbles’ friends are more than just his fun swim buddies? Each character represents some of the frequently asked questions that we receive from parents! Diving deep into our Science of SwimPlay®, we’ve developed these fun-loving friends to help share the WHY on what makes Goldfish, GOLDFISH - and how we’re helping give your

  • It’s Time to Celebrate Dreams Coming True in 2022 - In and Out of the Pool!

    That’s a wrap! ✨ Our #DreamsComeTrue22 campaign was a o-FISH-ally a success! 🥳 Read more about our 4️⃣ grand prize winners and their big dreams on our newest blog post!

  • 6 Bath Tips to Keep Your Little One Safe AND Make the Most of Tub-Time!

    🎶 Bath Toy Bubbles, you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun! 🎶 Bath time doesn’t have to be limited to getting your little one clean - It’s also a great time to teach them safety and fine motor skills, and to have a lot of fun! Scrub a dub your way to our blog to learn how your little fish can be safe, learn and have fun in the tub!

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