• Diving in & Celebrating with our Goldfish Dads!

    We couldn’t miss an opportunity to practice one of our favorite Core Values - Celebrating! Dive in with some of our fintastic Goldfish Dads as they share what fatherhood means to them, along with a few pro-tips for dads-to-be!

  • Celebrating Autism Awareness & Inclusion, Water Safety and Drowning Prevention with Alijah’s Awareness & Dr. Molly!

    In celebration of Autism Acceptance Month, we’ve teamed up with Dr. Molly to raise awareness for the extra steps we can take to keep kiddos with extra super powers safer in and around the water! AND Goldfish - Winter Park is diving into their second year of their partnership with Alijahs Awareness and the Alijah’s Swimmers Scholarship Program! ✨

  • Celebrating Love & Friendship with Goldfish Moms and Fintastic Friends!

    In celebration of Love & Friendship this month, we chatted with two Goldfish Moms and best friends about how their time at Goldfish - Centennial East has helped make a splash in their, their husbands, and their kiddos friendships, AND helped set their little fish up to make BIG waves in life!

  • 6 Bath Tips to Keep Your Little One Safe AND Make the Most of Tub-Time!

    🎶 Bath Toy Bubbles, you’re the one, you make bath time lots of fun! 🎶 Bath time doesn’t have to be limited to getting your little one clean - It’s also a great time to teach them safety and fine motor skills, and to have a lot of fun! Scrub a dub your way to our blog to learn how your little fish can be safe, learn and have fun in the tub!

  • Swim Lessons: The GOLDEN Gift this Holiday Season, According to Moms, Olympic Swimmers & Pediatricians!

    For many, the search for the perfect holiday gift is still on! 🎁 We of course think swim lessons make the perfect stocking stuffer - but you don’t have to take it from us! Swim over to our blog to hear why Dr. Molly, Olympic Gold Medalist Cullen Jones and some of our very own Goldfish Moms think swim lessons are the 🌟 Golden 🌟 Gift this year! #GiftTheGoldenExperience #HolidaysAtGoldfish

  • Busting Winter Weather Myths with Dr. Molly

    Have you ever heard your mom say the classic ‘you’re gonna catch a cold!’ saying during the winter season? Whether it’s heading out the door without your hat and gloves or leaving the house with damp hair fresh out of the shower, moms are notorious for telling their kids to bundle up to prevent a cold. The truth is, cold weather doesn’t cause a cold! Let’s bust a few Winter Weather myths with Dr. Molly!

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