Recent Posts in August

  • Make This School Year GOLDEN!

    As another fintastic summer comes to an end, it’s back to school and back to the pool! Transitioning from the fun and excitement of the summer back into a school routine can be challenging for our little fish, but Goldfish Swim School is here to help your family get back in the swim of things!

  • Catching Up & Celebrating RYAN MURPHY!

    Our very first o-fish-al ambassador, Ryan Murphy, has been by our side, supporting Goldfish Swim School and our mission since 2019 - and as he has some fin-omenal life events right around the corner, it’s only right that we take some time to celebrate him!

  • Diving into Swim Lessons: Saving Lives, One Stroke at a Time!

    Sadly, drowning incidents have been on the rise, but we know that drowning is preventable, and that requires action from everyone. Swim lessons are the key to turning the tide on this scary trend. Let's dive into the pool of water safety education, so our kids can splash away happily and safely.

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