Recent Posts in June

  • Developmental Benefits of Swimming for Children & Babies

    Want to boost your child's development? Swimming can help accelerate cognitive and physical development in young children.

  • Goldfish 101: Perpetual Lessons

    You may hear about Goldfish Swim School’s perpetual lessons model through an email from your nearest school, or through a social media post, or maybe even from a friend that’s already enrolled in lessons. But, what exactly are perpetual lessons, and why are they more beneficial than attending a short summer session at your local pool? You asked, we’re answering!

  • What Are Signs of Drowning?

    Usually, there’s no big commotion and wildly splashing arms. Watch for these 6 things if you are concerned about a fellow swimmer.

  • How Often Should Your Child Go to Swim Lessons?

    Not sure how many swimming lessons to do a week? There are several guidelines that can help you decide what's best for your unique circumstances.

  • Diving in & Celebrating with our Goldfish Dads!

    We couldn’t miss an opportunity to practice one of our favorite Core Values - Celebrating! Dive in with some of our fintastic Goldfish Dads as they share what fatherhood means to them, along with a few pro-tips for dads-to-be!

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