Winter Water Safety Tips to Keep Kiddos Safe This Holiday Season

❄️ Water Safety is ALWAYS in Season!❄️

The holiday season is o-fish-ally here! As the weather changes and streets fill with bright lights and garland, our schools are looking very…well…tropical turned holiday! Many of our schools add festive holiday decor that perfectly compliments our tropical escape… The palm trees, the fun colors, the shiver-free pool, all decked out with holiday spirit - what more could we ask for?! Lucky for us, all of those things mean that swimming is always in season at Goldfish!

We know many people think of swimming as a summer activity - but accidents don’t just stop because it’s December! Bathtubs and toilets, water parks and hotel pools, water-destination family vacations, and also winter weather hazards mean the importance of water safety sticks around all year long.

Our good friend Dr. Molly agrees that winter is just as important of a time to be vigilant with water safety. Here’s a few tips she shared to help keep winter water safety top of mind and combat drownings.

⛸️ Keep An Eye Out for Unstable Ice!

Ever have an ice cube drop from your freezer and onto the floor? With just a short distance, the drop is enough to shatter the cube and make it fly in all directions! Just think, if that little distance can break a cube of ice, a thin sheet of ice across the top of a lake or pool would shatter even easier! Kiddos should avoid playing on frozen bodies of water and parents should be within arms reach and eye’s distance just in case of an accident.

✔️ Prioritize Water Safety Conversations with Babysitters and Caretakers

As kiddos get a break from school, they may be spending time with a babysitter or grandparent. Be sure the person keeping an eye on them knows all of the water safety precautions that need to be taken in order to keep your little one safe!

📋 Play It Cool and Follow the Rules!

Before hopping in the water on your winter vacation, it’s important to review water safety rules with kids. Sometimes, when kiddos are excited and in play mode, rules fall to the back burner. Going over the rules ahead of time ensures kiddos know what to do and are able to focus and listen up!

🛀 Keep Your Eyes on the Kiddos During Bath Time!

Nothing better than a nice warm bath after a day of playing in the snow, right? Make sure bath time is also safe-time! Bath time supervision is a total must, as children can drown in as little as two inches of water. It’s important that parents keep an eye on their kiddos in the tub - without distractions like phone calls, emails or making dinner. You can also help ensure you’re not distracted during bath time by prepping the bathroom with everything you’ll need -- grab that lotion, those PJs, and anything else you may need so you can stay put and stay safe!

🏊 Of Course, Grab Your Spot in Swim Lessons!

Swim lessons are an activity for kids to enjoy all year long! With our year-round lessons, there’s no need to pause or stop lessons when the weather gets chilly. Our schools are equipped with special kid-friendly amenities that are extra useful during the cooler seasons, like our large changing huts to get out of your warm clothes and into your swimsuit, and our hair dryers and swimsuit dryers that ensure no kiddo has to leave with wet hair or clothes!

🎁 The Stocker Stuffer That Can Save Lives

Winter is the perfect time to jump into Goldfish with both feet! Our tropical environment, shiver-free pool and smiling swim instructors are calling your name! Even better, they’re the perfect gift for the little one in your life! Skip the toys and gift Goldfish with a Holiday Package from one of our participating locations!

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